2013. november 19., kedd

Buenos Aires II.

Remember mothers of Plaza de Majo

Cemetery of Recoleta

Puerto Madero Bridge
Dog walkers in Buenos Aires

Atr deco station in Subste

Café Tortoni

Café Tortoni

La Plata at San Isidro

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  1. Wow, nagyon szuper lehetett! Nagyon jók a képek!

  2. Great pics! Kisses.

  3. Such an amazing place. Fun to hear you describe the enjoyment you experienced. Sorry to hear about your job.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Thank you for your comprehensive report and the beautiful pictures. Both show how this vibrant country fascinates you. I hope you could go there again. I wish you good luck in finding a new you very soon!

  5. Amazing post! I love it! :)
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  6. You seem to be fallen in love with that city! I love seeing your beautiful picks! Enjoy your holiday!!