2013. november 18., hétfő

Buenos Aires I.

I am back from my dear Buenos Aires. I spent ther 3 weeks - well, it is not really true, as I visited  Tigre, Mendoza and Santiago de Chile.
I really felt in love with the city, I cannot wait to see again. In Buenos Aires, my usual day looked like this: waking up around 11 a.m., then I went to a café to have my regular café con leche con media lunas, than I visited some of the main attractions. My daily route was usually decided at the café table! Than I returned to my appartement, had some rest and went to a milonga (tango bar, often with classes before), or see other fun, such as opera, tango show, or  - in Santiago - visit my primary school friend (her family fled from the junta in 1973 to Hungary).
I travelled totally alone, just for the first three days I availed a Hungarian guide living in Argentina. This time I clarified some question, and I strengtheened my personality and my feminity. I think, I'll never be the same after this trip. I misss South-Amerika so much and waiting for the return (planned for next year).
Bad news, that the first morning I got my job termination. Now I should find something quickly in order to menage to execute my plan. I decided to learn Spannish and I'll enthusiasticaly visit tango facilities in Budapest.
Now I publish some pictures. I rent a stylish apartemement in San Telmo district - the oldest part of this amazing city, full of colonial buidings, bars, milonga places - I took many shots, so I'll show you them quite seperately!
From Buenos Aires with love!

Bridges in La Boca

El Caminito in La Boca

La Boca

Open air gallery  in La Boca

La Boca window

At the Boca Juniors stadion

La Boca roof

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  1. Such beautiful pictures and colors! I love your yellow pants with the turtleneck.

    blue hue wonderland

  2. Wow, Brazil! That is the country I would love to visit one day! Beautiful photos, dear!