2013. december 6., péntek

Back to the winter

Blouse - customs made upon a Burda partner, pull - old one, denim - Vero Moda

Újra itthon... Az inget még a második terhességem idején hordtam, Burdából készült. A pulcsi még régebbi, akkor még egyáltalán nem volt gyermekem. (Bár nem sokkal a vásárlása után estem teherbe - nem most volt!) Valahogy most rájuk találtam. A hatalmas gallérral vicces variálni, hitrelen ötlettől vezérelve a kabáton kívülre is kihajtottam.

In Budapest again. I found that blouse and jumper in the deep of my wardrobe. Blouse was a pregnancy piece, the other is more older. It was fun to play how to wear the large collar.

2013. november 30., szombat

San Telmo

San Telmo - where I rent my apartement -  is the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires - the very first colony was settled here. Old casas are still standing, time looks being stopped. The district is lucky: untill now, real estate developers keept them theirselves away from the area, however, it is getting more and more popular.
This barrio is most known about its market fair, as well as the place where from tango origines. (La Boca and either Montevideo would disagree.) La Defensa street gives place for the Sunday art market - artists and craftmen sell their products all along the street. Here I met Telma, who also sale her fine, hand made cotton items on ETSY. I had ordered a tunic from her and she remembered me, since I was her only customer from Hungary! You can see her smiling in one of the posted pictures here!
Also many upcoming designer's shops, cafés, tango hostels, bars can be found here in the colonial streets.

2013. november 24., vasárnap

My Buenos Aires home

This is my lovely BA apartement I rented via AIRBNB, situates in San Telmo, the historical and most charming neighborhood in the city. I allways wanted to live in a flat like this, so I enjoyed being alone there so much!

2013. november 23., szombat

Buenos Aires III

National Library

San Martin Theater

Plaza Serrano

MALBA - Museum of Latin-American Art


Calle Jean Jaures and surraunding in Abasto neighborhood also called as Tango District as here can be found Carlos Gardel's house

Tango district

Grafity with the portrait of Carlos Gardel in Abasto

Wall in the Tango District in Abasto