2013. szeptember 1., vasárnap

Good bye summer season!



Tee and linen trousers/póló és vászonnadrág - lakeside promenad shop
bag/táska - Kamchatka

Egy kicsit mindig szomorú a nyár végi Balaton, annak ellenére, hogy imádom a kora őszt. Ugyan egész sokan voltak, azért már nem kellett hosszan sorba állni a fröccsért, a strandra ingyen be lehet menni, este hűvös van. Hiába, ez már szeptember!

It is allways a bit sad when season is over at the lake side. Despite the pleasent weather, beach is abandoned, boats and are prepared for winter, there are no long queues at the cantin and evenings are chlilly.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. I love the look, with this nice white pants and sailor striped sweater. I like the pants, wide and comfortable, with that movement so pretty. Too bad the photos are taken so far.

  2. You look lovely and summery, still, even though your weather is cooling. I wish it was cooling off here, as well. I'll send you sun and warmth, if you'll send me some rain and cooler weather!

    1. Well, I'm affraid I cannot... forecast says summer will be back this week. However, I wish some cooling breeze and rain. :)

  3. Beautiful summer outfit. I enjoy the simplicity and breezy design. Your sandals are so cute and playful. Have a great day!

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  4. You look marvellous in this maritime outfit! Wearing white clothes in late summer makes it lasting a bit longer I feel. Altough fall mood is melacholic I like the bright colors and the plenty of fruits it brings.