2013. július 28., vasárnap


Top - flea market/ócskapiac, trouser/nadrág - Jackpot, sandals - from Salerno, ring, bracelet/gyűrű, karkötő - MESKA
Meleg van! Csak vízparton, lenge öltözékben lehet elviselni.
It is hot, temperature around 40 C degree. Only supportable on water-side, in fluffy clothes!

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Nice and relaxed loose fit-look.

  2. Very hot indeed! But you look nice and chic in your loose pants and top!

  3. Love theses colors for hot weather. Perfect fit for warm temps, loose and flowing. Pretty bracelet and cool sandals. Hope it cool down for you soon!

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  4. I like the look, the pants are gorgeous and the color of the shirt is beautiful. The pants look so comfortable! I like fashion oversized, large and comfortable, it is perfect for women like you.