2013. június 4., kedd


Pants/nadrág - Christian Berg, sweeter/pulcsi - Marimekko, necklace/lánc - Kricsár Annamária, shoes/cipő - from London

Sajnos a vasárnapi kirándulást elmosta az eső. Kár, pedig nagyon szeretem ezt a várost, szeretek barangolni a múlt század végét idéző keramitköves, alacsony házakkal szegélyezett utcáin. Na majd legközelebb!

Let me introduce Kecskemét, the capital of Hungarian sandy (littlebit desert-like) region, the seventh largest ciy in Hungary. (Well, it is actually a bluster, the only large city is Budapest.) Sometime,on the second half of the XIX century, they had started to plant orchards in order to subdue the drift of sand. Project was successful, and Kecskemét become the center of fruit and vegetable processing industry, enable the enrichement of its citizens and the city itself.
I adore its art nouveau buildings as well as the low houses along the silent streets, covered with ceramic pavement.
Unfortunately, the weather was not gracious to us, we had to escape to a café and stay there for an hour.

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  1. Thank you ... wonderful photos of a city I knew NOTHING about. Beautiful. And such a cute and practical outfit.
    Have a great week,

  2. Kecskemet is a beautiful town. It is so nice for me read about other countries!